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Matusow: Nic Cage in Talks to Play Lead in Check-Raising the Devil

Check-Raising the Devil is a brutally honest account of Matusow’s life as one of the world’s best professional poker players and it’s includes liberal amounts of high-takes poker, partying, drugs, depression, prison and rehabilitation.

It’s appropriate since Matusow is a brutally honest person, even in casual conversation.

Production company 1984 Professional Defense Contractors are reportedly taking on the project, the group responsible for The Grey with Liam Neeson and Killing Them Softly with Brad Pitt.

With four WSOP bracelets, over $ 9 million in live tournament earnings and a career that stretches back to the mid-90s, Matusow is a legend in the poker world.

PokerListings reporter Allen Rash sat down with the Mouth at the 2014 World Series of Poker to talk candidly about Matusow’s struggle with depression, his ambition to keep winning poker tournaments and the future of his life story on film.

PokerListings: What was your initial reaction when you heard Check-Raising the Devil was being made into a movie?

Mike Matusow
Matusow has made 13 WSOP final tables.

Mike Matusow: (Hands in the air) Please God, let it happen!

PL: How do you think it will feel to see your life on the big screen?

Originally we were talking about doing a weekly television show, like 24, basically about my life.

Gamblers, poker players, the day in and day out and f**k, there’s always an episode. All the prop bets and all the crazy things we do. That’s still the major goal because that’s where the real money’s at.

But now we’ve got so many people really interested in making the movie that it’s about 50/50 doing the movie.

PL: If you had your choice, who would play you in the movie?

They’ve talked to one person already and he’s real interested plus he lives in Vegas.

They’re talking about Nic Cage so we’ll see what happens.

I don’t know, he’s a little older. I mean he’s my age now but they can make people look younger for the early parts of the movie. That’s an idea.

Who knows, if I have a big World Series it’ll give me more chances to really go big. It’s a long way to go in this tournament but I just know in my heart if I play like I did today, I could win.

PL: Who would you want to play Hellmuth?

(Laughs) Phil!

PL: You really put yourself out there in the autobiography, what do you think the reaction will be with a wider audience?

I think it’s just going to be great for poker, great for people who have the mental issues I go through.

Mike Matusow
Matusow still struggles with anxiety and depression on a daily basis.

Like I’m not going lie, yesterday I got out in front $ 10,000 in the 2-7 tournament and lost a small pot and all of a sudden thinking, “Oh my God, I’m the worst. I’m dying. What am I gonna do?”

I wanted to kill myself and got super suicidal and I couldn’t f*****g think. I was almost crying. And this happens to me quite often. I couldn’t play, I was negative, and it was just bad.

And then today I realize I have to work out, that has to be the thing that’s hurting me because of my medication. I woke up today and told my girl when I left the house, “Man I feel so good”.

I said no negatives, I’m so positive, and I said I’m really going to have great day.

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but when I’m not f**ked up mentally I just play so good and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to play as good as I did today. Who the f**k knows. I could wake up, I could work out, I could come down here and be mentally f**ked up again.

Usually when I get myself together, I stay together for a week or four or five days. It’s not usually a really bad day and then really good and then really bad. It goes bad day then good day, good day, good day, good day. So that’s what I’m hoping happens tomorrow.

PL: What was the reaction among the regular players when the autobiography was released, those who didn’t know the full story behind your problems?

Most of the people already knew how I got set up but they really didn’t know what I go through mentally.

My very close friends know what I go through mentally on a daily basis, whether I’m going to have a good day or bad day. They know right away.

I talked to Scott Seiver today when I was signing up and I said, “I don’t know if you noticed but I was mentally out of it.” And he said “I saw, you look like you wanted to die.”

He said he could tell on my face. So people who know me, know when I’m zoned in. They know when I’m mentally together they know I’m super focused and I just see everything.


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Event #7 WSOP 2014: guida Fabio de Francesco

Event #7 WSOP 2014: guida Fabio de Francesco

Fabio de Francesco guida l'Event 7 WSOP 2014

Al termine del Day 1 Event #7 Seven Card Razz WSOP 2014 in testa c’è Fabio de Francesco, italiano residente a Los Angeles con alle spalle diversi ITM in tornei dal buy basso. Out Max Pescatori e Jeff Lisandro al nono livello di gioco. Vanessa Selbst vince il primo braccialetto alle World Series of Poker nel nell’Event #2 Mixed Games 25K.

Vive a Los Angeles, ha vinto circa 100.000 dollari in carriera, per lo più in tornei a buy in basso, e in questo momento guida i player left dell’Event #7 Seven Card Razz WSOP 2014 con all’attivo 66.700 chips. Si chiama Fabio de Francesco, italiano di nascita e al primo risultato degno di nota in un evento delle World Series of Poker. Circa 75 i giocatori che domani si siederanno al Day 2 e soltanto 40 andranno a premio. Fra questi un ottimo Phil Hellmuth, vincitore di 13 braccialetti, in sesta posizione con 39.700 chips e Phil Laak con all’attivo 20.100 chips.

Fabio de Francesco guida l’Event #7

Grandi aspettative, dunque, per Fabio de Francesco che speriamo riesca ad imporsi in questo torneo delle World Series of Poker nonostante un field davvero proibitivo. E infatti tra gli italiani che si sono presentati a questo dell’Event #7 Seven Card Razz WSOP 2014 non riesce a superare il Day 1 Max Pescatori, bustato intorno al nono livello di gioco. Poca fortuna anche per Jeff Lisandro che fa la stessa fine del pirata durante lo stesso livello di gioco. Ma vista l’ottima prova di de Francesco la speranza di vedere un braccialetto al polso di un italiano adesso comincia a farsi concreta.

WSOP 2014 a Vanessa Selbst il primo braccialtto

E mentre l’Event #7 comincia davvero ad entrare nel vivo con uno strepitoso Fabio de Francesco a guidare il chip count c’è tempo anche per gli aggiornamenti sui primi braccialetti. E infatti la prima vittoria di queste WSOP 2014 va ad una strepitosa Vanessa Selbst che, pur essendo partita in netto svantaggio nell’Heads Up giocato contro Jason Mo, è riuscita ad avere la meglio nell’Event #2 Mixed Games 25K. Ancora una volta la top player americana si dimostra come uno dei migliori poker pro al mondo e grazie a questo trionfo alle World Series of Poker, il terzo per lei, che vale $ 871,148 è la prima donna a varcare i 10 milioni di dollari vinti in carriera.

World Series of Poker: aggiornamenti

Assegnato anche il secondo braccialetto di queste WSOP 2014 con Brandon Shack-Harris, che riesce ad avere la meglio Morgan Popham portandosi a casa un bel premio pari a $ 205,634. Una vittoria, che dopo qualche piccolo ITM ottenuto negli anni passati, rappresenta senza dubbio il suo risultato più importante di tutta la sua carriera da giocatore. Intanto l’Event #4 No Limit Hold’em dal buy in $ 1000 prosegue con 12 left e con Kyle Cartwright in vetta, mentre l’Event #5 al termine del Day 1 vede in testa uno strepitoso Phil Galfold tallonato da Jason Mercier. – Articles, News

Vanessa Selbst Wins 3rd WSOP Bracelet and Tops $10m in Earnings

Selbst’s victory in the $ 25k Mixed Max event puts her in a tie with Barbara Enright as the most decorated female World Series of Poker player.

“Obviously I’d like to be included in the conversation for the best poker players, not just the best female poker player,” Selbst said when asked about tying Enright,

“But I think I’m starting to get there.”

This win sends Selbst over $ 2 million in career WSOP earnings and over $ 10.5 million worldwide.

Selbst was one of the leaders throughout this $ 25,000 Mix-Max tournament, a format that sees play become more and more short-handed as the event progresses.

Selbst returned on Day 3 to defeat Al Decarolis, setting up the final heads-up match against outspoken poker pro Jason Mo.

Jason Mo Plays Villain to Fan Favorite Selbst

During the playdown to the finals Mo took to Twitter to talk smack about Selbst and it’s not the first time he’s ruffled a few feathers with his brash behavior.

lol Vanessa is so bad, poor fees

— shady mccoy (@klink10k) May 29, 2014

Mo was referring to his friend Ryan Fee whom Selbst had busted in seventh place.

“It wasn’t a little smack talking, he’s a little bit notorious for running his mouth,” Selbst said of Mo.

“He also played the Ladies Event two years ago and he’s just done some things that make him unlikable.”

Jason Mo
Jason Mo also finished 2nd at the 2012 WSOP.

With her wife and friends in attendance, Selbst battled from behind for most of the match but won two big pots to move ahead and ultimately defeat Mo.

This was Jason Mo’s second runner-up finish at the WSOP having lost heads-up to Brian Hastings in the $ 10k Heads-Up event in 2012.

Redemption for Close Calls at PCA

The victory continues a huge 2014 for Selbst. She took home more than $ 1.3 million by finishing third in the $ 25k and $ 100k High Roller events at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

“It’s been an amazing year. Obviously with my PCA and High Rollers I wasn’t able to close out either one and honestly I was a little disappointed in how I played short-handed,” Selbst admitted.

“To come here and play in an almost completely short-handed format, and have some redemption, just feels really spectacular.”

Next on the bucket list for Selbst?

“Winning the World Series Main Event obviously, but I’d also love to win an EPT.” Selbst finished up, “In terms of poker, those are the next two things I’m looking to achieve.”


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