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Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Stuck With $2.5 Million Overla

In 2013, the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida stunned poker players by easily surpassing their $ 10 million guarantee in the $ 5,300 buy-in Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open, drawing 2,384 …
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High-Stakes Report: Hansen Sinks Ever Closer to $20m in Losses

On top of all the hurt he’s suffered over the last few years Hansen lost another $ 600k in the high-stakes games online last week and is now closing in on -$ 20 million for his FTP account.

Meanwhile, if you’ve wondered what Sebastian Ruthenberg’s been up to, he’s been playing online poker.

He was more successful than anyone else at it last week, too, raking in a solid $ 600k. His victims were “SanIker,” “Trueteller,” and some other Germans.

Like Bosses: Ruthenberg on 2-7, Kostritsyn 8-Game

Sebastian Ruthenberg
Busied himself with online poker.

About two years ago there were less Germans playing high stakes than fingers on one hand.

Now they could field a football team. Mind you, in football, they probably wouldn’t play each other.

Last week Sebastian Ruthenberg was in control of the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, particularly on Monday and Tuesday. Heads-up expert SanIker felt that more than anyone else.

Within only a couple of sessions Ruthenberg built up a $ 600k profit, which brings him back to a cool $ 1m profit for 2014.

That’s not enough to be in the top 5, though. Check out Moscovite Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn.

He’s dominating the 8-Game tables so clearly he’s up to $ 2.5 million this year, not too far behind current leader Dan Cates.

Kostritsyn took most of his winnings from the accounts of Chun Lei Zhou and Gus Hansen.

Hansen Sinks Near $ 20 Million in Losses

He’s run bad, sure, but it seems like the Great Dane also can’t accept that there are players better than him in certain games.

He keeps going back to the games where he simply doesn’t stand a chance.

Viktor Blom
Huge pot, minimal impact on bottom line.

Hansen has lost $ 7m in Draw games, $ 5m in Omaha and $ 3m in 8-Game over his career and so far in 2014 Hansen has added another$ 5m to his losses.

His next closest touchstone: the -$ 20 million mark, which is just not that far away anymore as Highstakesdb lists his account as -$ 19.64m.

Biggest Hand of the Week

Last week three pots became so big they weren’t just the biggest of the week but also the biggest of the year.

Gus Hansen, Viktor Blom and Dan Cates were involved in two of them. The largest pot of $ 372k went into Viktor Blom’s account.

Just like in the recent past it was a Mixed Game table where the biggest hands played out. This time the game was NLHE $ 300/$ 600.

Cates had raised to $ 1,500, Blom 3-bet to $ 5,400 and Hansen stepped out of the way this time. Cates called and the flop ran


Blom was really hooked on this flop. He took the lead with a $ 7,200 bet which Cates flat-called. The turn was the


Blom bet another $ 18k, but now Cates raised it up to $ 48k and Blom – quite cunningly, as you will see – made just the call. The river


didn’t change anything important on the board. Blom checked, Cates fired another bullet, Blom raised(!) and Cates called.

At the end of the hand both players had $ 125k in the pot. At showdown Blom showed


for a straight. Cates mucked his hand without further ado.

Blom earned himself a $ 400k pot here but at the end of the week he only managed to just break even. His overall balance for 2014 didn’t really change at all.

Winners of the Week

Sebastian taktloss47 Ruthenberg: $ +611,960 Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $ +542,206 Alexandre Alexonmoon Luneau: $ +339,132 Isaac luvtheWNBA Haxton: $ +209,454 Patrik FinddaGrind Antonius: $ +205,772

Losers of the Week

Gus Hansen: $ +611,960 SanIker: $ +542,206 Niki Jedlicka: $ +339,132 JaeggerJack: $ +209,454 Julius Kagome Kagome Fleischer: $ +205,772

Biggest Winners in 2014

Dan jungleman12 Cates: $ +2,901,008 Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $ +2,589,291 Trueteller: $ +2,305,983 Alexandre alexonmoon Luneau: $ +2,236,371 Mikael Punting-Peddler Thuritz: $ +1,879,294

Biggest Losers in 2014

Chun samrostan Lei Zhou: $ -6,172,977 Gus Hansen: $ -4,826,991 Phil Polarizing Ivey: $ -1,815,817 Viktor Isildur1 Blom: $ -1.297,854 Julius KagomeKagome Fleischer: $ -1,545,111


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Study: You’re Like A Pigeon When You Play Poker

Well, this is an odd one—but may be of some use to those interested in understanding the psychology going on at their poker table. Researchers at Warwick University in the …
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Dominik Panka: “I Don’t Really Care About the Money Much”

The Polish pro was just another poker player less than a year ago. Then he reached the final table of the EPT PCA, dominated the final table in impressive fashion and three weeks later went on to win the High Roller Event of the EPT Deauville 2014.

Thanks to his numerous accomplishments in poker Panka was nominated by PokerListings for the “Rising Stars” category of the PL Spirit of Poker Awards.

Panka is currently in the thick of EPT100 in Barcelona with 50 players left and PokerListings tracked him down for a quick chat.

PL: Dominik, have you heard about your nomination for the PokerListings awards?

DP: Yes I heard about it. It is an online competition. People just click with their mouse. I’d rather have such an award given by a jury [Note: The final three actually is decided by a jury]. Nevertheless it makes me a little bit proud.

PL: Will we see you in Malta this November playing the Battle of Malta?

DP: If I win this award, how can I miss it? I heard Malta is a beautiful island, even in November. And the BOM seems to be an entertaining tournament. I don’t actually play too many tournaments with this buy in but I will definitely take part if I win this award.

PL: You seem to still live in Poland?

Dominik Panka
Dominik Panka winning the 2014 PCA

DP: Yes. I live in Warsaw.

PL: You never thought about a move to another country to save taxes for example?

DP: I don’t have plans like this. I was quite happy with my life before the big win and I don’t want to change too much because I won.

PL: Would you describe yourself as a full time player?

DP: I do nothing else professionally. But I am far from playing poker constantly. I do a lot of other things that I enjoy.

PL: What are your plans for the upcoming month?

DP: I am going to play every EPT stop.

PL: You were completely unknown not even a year ago and now you can afford playing a whole series of big events?

DP: This just happens sometimes in the poker world. I was one of 500 guys who qualified online and one of them proved to be the chosen one.

I was really lucky and it still feels like a fairy tale for me. I used the one-time chance that I got. I am 23 now and there are better players than me that have waited years for the kind of success I had within a couple of weeks.

PL: You only needed two cashes to get to the top of the Polish all-time money list. Are you a celebrity now?

DP: No. There was a short hype about my win in the Bahamas. It lasted two or three weeks and they invited me to two or three small TV shows. But it didn’t take very long before I was back in anonymity.

PL: And what about the money? You are a millionaire now.

DP: I don’t really care about the money that much. And I’m not spending too much either. I liked my life before and I just improved it a little bit. That’s all.

PL: What is your future in poker?

DP: I commented on the EPT livestream, and I really liked it. So I imagine I could do that more often, when I stop winning and I am forced to retire from playing (laughs).


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