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Ladouceur, Pahuja Hunting WPT Montreal Title with 49 Left

The relatively unknown Meragal bagged 1.4 million chips while Ladouceur ended on 1.07 million and Pahuja finished with 1.02 million.

Just 49 players remain in the hunt for the $ 409,656 first-place prize pool with Antonio Esfandiari, Ryan Fee, Andy Frankenberger, Maurice Hawkins, Jonathan Jaffe, Sam Charter, Yann Dion and Toddy Terry punching their tickets to Day 3.

Kevin MacPhee also made it to Day 3, thanks to a strong last-minute surge. McPhee doubled with 6-6 over Pahuja’s T-T in one of the final hands of the evening to kick-start a run that saw him finish with 639,000 chips.

POY Leader Darren Elias Picks Up Another Cash

Darren Elias
WPT master Darren Elias continuous hot streak.

Bustouts started early on Day 2 and didn’t let up with Mike Leah, Brian Rast, Jeff Gross, Jason Mercier and Mike Watson busting well before the money.

Finally the money bubble burst on Day 2 with notables Mike McDonald, Xuan Liu, Scott Clements and Eliott Smith making the money.

Darren Elias, who became the first player to win back-to-back WPT titles this year with his performances at Borgata and the Caribbean, also picked up another cash in Montreal, which just solidifies his lead on WPT Player of the Year.

Action resumes today at 12 p.m. ET and the plan is to play all the way down to a final table. You can follow along via the WPT live updates.

Here are the top 10 chip counts at the end of Day 2:

1. Maduka Meragal – 1,423,000 2. Marc-Andre Ladouceur – 1,071,000 3. Mukul Pahuja – 1,024,000 4. Phillip Hul – 909,000 5. TJ Ulmer – 800,000 6. Sheraz Nasier – 766,000 7. Maurice Hawkins – 732,000 8. Jonathan Jaffe – 698,000 9. Kevin MacPhee – 639,000 10. Nenad Slzgoric – 598,00


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High-Stakes Report: Ivey Rises Like a Phoenix, Wins Everywhere

Action was abuzz at the nosebleed limits last week headed by accounts Atha Cliath and Eire Abu.

Good weeks were also in the cards for SanIker, Phil Ivey and Vladimir Shchemelev.

Alexander Kostritsyn, Sebastian Ruthenberg and Alexandre Luneau, meanwhile, didn’t fare as well.

Eire Abu + Atha Cliath = ?

Alex Kostritsyn
Not a good week.

In 2012 a player called Eire Abu caught the attention of both high-stakes players and railbirds.

For several months someone who had chosen the Irish words for Ireland as his nickname sat down and played thousands of hands of $ 50/$ 100 PLO.

He went on to win several hundreds of thousands of dollars, then moved up to the “real” high stakes where things went terribly wrong. He eventually disappeared from high-stakes poker in late 2012.

Over the last seven days Eire Abu has played more hands than in 2013 altogether. And that was apparently a good idea.

He won $ 550k last week and he is at $ 800k profit for 2014. He’s also become very good at 2-7 Triple Draw and Mixed Games.

His success has revived speculation about who Eire Abu really is.

Again this week it was Alexander Kostritsyn who had to give up significant bits of his bankroll. Although he did make a small profit as PostFlopAction on Full Tilt as joiso on PokerStars he lost half a million — most of which went into the pockets of Eire Abu.

SanIker and Phil Ivey March On

Luneau not over the moon about last week.

Eire Abu was almost there but German player SanIker caught up with him to be the biggest winner of last week.

SanIker had had a good week and on Saturday he turned it up another notch playing 2-7 Triple Draw. It was mostly Cort Kibler-Melby who had to pay — the second week in a row thecortster has lost money.

SanIker, on the other hand, hauled in $ 620k of profit to bring him back to the plus side for 2014.

Phil Ivey is moving in the same direction. Rising like a phoenix he’s right on track to reinstall himself as the dominant player at the nosebleeds.

No matter what game it is – Mixed Games, FL08, NLHE, or 2-7 TD – Ivey is everywhere and he’s winning everywhere. Last week it was to the tune of $ 500k.

French player Alexandre Luneau and German counterpart Sebastian Ruthenberg, on the other hand, kept on sliding. Both had a pretty good start to the year but then things started to slip. Over the last seven days both players lost about $ 300k.

Biggest Pot of the Week

Swedish-Bosnian pro Denis Denoking Bahonjic and Ben Bttech86 Tollerene were responsible for the biggest hand of the week and the game was No-Limit Hold’em.

They were playing heads-up and the stakes were $ 200/$ 400. The raising war started pre-flop – Denoking began with a raise to $ 1k and Tollerene responded with a 3-bet to $ 3,600.

Bahonjic called and the pot had already grown to over $ 7k before the first community cards were dealt.

On the flop came the      

Tollerene checked and Bahonjic, also known as wilhasha, bet $ 9k — more than what was in the pot. Tollerene called.

On the turn came the  

Tollerene checked, Denoking bet – this time $ 28k – and Tollerene called.

The river was the  

This time Denoking pushed all-in after Tollerene’s check. At showdown Denoking showed the T Q for two pair and Tollerene mucked.

$ 171k moved across the table and into the bankroll of Denis Bahonjic.

Biggest Winners of the Week

Phil Ivey
Ivey: Never far from return to dominance

SanIker: $ +619,956 EireAbu (PS), $ +548,502 Phil Polarizing Ivey: $ +463,294 Vladimir GVOZDIKA55 Shemelev: $ +333,929 Denis Denoking Bahonjic: $ +167,108

Biggest Losers of the Week

Alexander joiso Kostritsyn (PS): $ -560,553 Atha Cliath (FT): $ -304,852 Sebastian taktloss47 Ruthenberg: $ -299,024 Alexandre Alexonmoon Luneau: $ -259,111 Elior CrazyElior Sion: $ -132,525

Biggest Winners in 2014

Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $ +3,277,925 Dan jungleman12 Cates: $ +2,807,509 Cort thecortster Kibler-Melby: $ +2,684,603 Mikael Punting-Peddler Thuritz: $ +2,333,556 Niklas Ragen70 Heinecker: $ +1,773,557

Biggest Losers in 2014

Chun samrostan Lei Zhou: $ -6,659,033 Gus Hansen: $ -5,522,853 Julius KagomeKagome Fleischer: $ -1,897,911 Phil Polarizing Ivey: $ -1,607,295 Viktor Isildur1 Blom: $ -1,395,340


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Rant: Let’s Get Over Our Hyopcrisy in the Vicky Coren Mitchell Affair

This Vicky Coren Mitchell thing is really interesting.

I’ve read through her post on 2+2 and, unusually for posts on 2+2, there seems to be a widespread respect for the actions she has taken.

There is hardly a dagger in sight. No blood to speak of. The word ‘integrity’ is the theme of the thread.

Apparently, Vicky Coren Mitchell has shown that she has the qualities of being honest, and has strong moral principles, by choosing to quit once PokerStars crossed that line by increasing the gambling element on its site.

This Is All About Money

Everybody wants more recreational players.

Do you notice that I have highlighted the word increasing?

I was going to use the word ‘added’ but that would assume that poker is not a form of gambling. That would be wrong.

Poker will only cease to become a gambling game if it becomes a sport. When the money comes into the game from sponsorships and people don’t have to dig into their own pockets to stump up the cash.

Even then, this will only affect the professional element; recreational players will still be gambling if they choose to play poker.

Recreational players aren’t interested in HUDs, increasing their EV and learning to become the next Patrick Leonard. That’s a different brand of poker player entirely.

A recreational player is the type of person who will log on, deposit some money and then continue to hand that money to someone who is better than he or she is.

The poker community, and the organizations that create them, are desperate for more recreational players to get involved in online poker.

Why do you think that is? Is it because we want increased competition? If that were the case wouldn’t people be inclined to play with the greatest players in the game?

This is all about money.

The online poker rooms want more recreational players so they can earn more rake. The professional poker players want more recreational players so they can take all of their money and continue to break even.

Which Camp Are You In?

So where does the word ‘integrity’ stand up here?

How can you applaud Vicky Coren Mitchell for being a woman of integrity, and even suggest that Daniel Negreanu should take a leaf out of her many books, and then continue to play on the same site you hold so much vitriol for?

I guess there are three camps here.

Custom PokerStars Table
Which camp are you in?

Camp A

You hate what PokerStars has become. It really irks you that they are creating more costs.

You’re choosing not to leave because you still believe it’s the best place to play online poker. This means that you are prepared to pay for the value you are receiving.

There isn’t a moral issue here. Integrity doesn’t come into the equation.

Camp B

PokerStars’ recent actions have sent slivers of glass into your beliefs and values.

You can no longer endorse their behavior by playing on their site, but it’s how you earn your income. You cannot stop playing because you have a family to feed.

You swallow your pride, you sit on “integrity” and you carry on playing even though you know you are doing the “wrong” thing.

Camp C

You cheer people like Vicky Coren Mitchell. Call PokerStars a whore and then continue to play because you couldn’t really give a shit.

You are a hypocrite of the highest order and have zero integrity.

You Can’t Want the Fish and Have an Issue After Eating Them

It’s blatantly obvious to me that one way of creating more recreational players is to introduce online casino games and sports betting.

If this is what it’s like if you are a pro, then what do you think it’s like for the guy who lives in the Valley?

Anyone criticizing this move should seriously question his or her involvement in the game. You cannot want the fish and then have an issue when you have eaten them.

Poker is gambling. People harp on about the skill element in poker. They use this as a convenient wedge to separate it from the chance dominated games like roulette and blackjack.

It’s a convenient excuse. If we were to place the challenge of making a consistent profit playing poker on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being ‘insanely difficult’ and one being ‘a piece of piss’ – where do you think poker sits?

I interview professional poker players for a living. Hardly any of them will endorse this as a viable profession for their friends and family.

It’s too tough, the game is getting difficult to beat and the expenses are enormous.

If this is what it’s like if you are a pro, then what do you think it’s like for the guy who lives in the Valley?

I Think of the Word “Decision”

A professional poker player once told me that in his early days he would pay £5,000 to enter the European Poker Tour (EPT) Main Event and if he busted he would then put £5,000 on red to win it back.

Victoria Coren
Coren Mitchell knows what she wants and she is going to get it.

PokerStars is about to see a huge influx of people acting in the reverse. Why are you complaining?

When I read Vicky Coren Mitchell’s post I don’t think of the word “integrity.” I think of the word ‘decision’.

The most successful people in the world are those that make decisions with haste and only change these decisions slowly, if ever.

The rest of the world are too easily influenced by the opinions of others, make excuses to justify their refusal to make a decision and are talking too much (writing too much) to find the time to take any action.

This is what I applaud Vicky Coren Mitchell for.

For taking action. For making a decision that must have been tough for her, irrespective of the fact that she is hardly figuring out how she is going to pay the mortgage next month.

If you take decisions promptly, it’s because you know what you want. And you know what? You are often going to get it.

Coren Mitchell knows what she wants and she is going to get it.

Now what about you?


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